ML-OU-BLE, Option board to add a BLE user interface

BLE user interface We often get inquiries (mainly due to tender requests or convenience reasons) about the possibility of a wireless configuration interface, although our data loggers can be configured thru the cellular network wirelessly already.

Therefore its our pleasure to inform you that we have developed a tiny option board, the ML-OU-BLE, that can be mounted into an ML-417 data logger to add a wireless Bluetooth interface. Although Bluetooth Classic comes with a standardized Serial Port Profile, we have chosen, due to power consumption considerations, to use Bluetooth Low Energy instead. The big advantage of BLE is the possibility to instantly "wake-up" the data logger "over the air" while adding just 30uA of quiescent current.

The theoretical maximum range with "free-line of-sight" of the ML-OU-BLE is 160m, the real range is largely dependent of the sensitivity and transmission power of the used smart phone/tablet (<70m) and interference from other devices sending radio waves.

Installation is simple, just stack the option board onto the option connector of an ML-417. No further configuration is required, except that it's highly recommended to specify an USB/BLE password to avoid unauthorized access!!

ydocTerminal for Windows and ydocTerminal for Android can be used to configure an ML-417 with ML-OU-BLE board installed. ydocTerminal can be used to download data, upload configuration files and upgrade firmware wirelessly.

The Android app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store