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Customize and connect your data logger

Customized data loggers for any application

Our data loggers can be configured with loads of additional accessories to customize the product for your specific needs. Choose from a range of option boards, antenna’s, camera’s or connectors. We can help customize our data logger for your projects.

Discover our range of option boards

Option boards suiting your monitoring mission

More or special inputs/features can be added to an ML-417 by means of internal stackable option boards/converters.

YDOC - data logger option boards

Other useful accessoires for your data logger

For proper connection

Add a external USB-B connector

The CON-USB is a PA66/IP68 waterproof external USB-B connector. The set exists out of chassis part with a 16mm diameter thread, a termination cap and internal cable assembly with female connector that mates with the internal USB male connector of the ML-417 datalogger.

Securely mount your data logger

Pole mounting bracket

The ML-PMB is a pole mounting bracket made of tough UV-stabilized polycarbonate, which is better than using a metal bracket as the metal can have a negative impact on the performance of integrated antennas (poor antenna performance causes more power consumption). The bracket can be used to mount an ML-417 data logger to poles with a diameter ranging from 35mm to 3″ and bigger. The bracket is excluding mounting accessories like clamps, nuts, bolts and washers.

The ML-PMK is a pole mounting kit existing out of a polycarbonate bracket (ML-PMB), two 12mm width stainless steel (A2/W4/304) worm-gear clamps to fix the bracket to a pole with a diameter ranging from 40 (1 5/8″) to 60mm (2 3/8″). The kit is including 4x M4 bolts (16mm), nuts and washers of stainless steel as well.

Discover the possibilities

Want to know more about what YDOC can do to help you with your quest for the right data logger? Do not hesitate to get in contact.