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GPS receiver for low power data logging

The GPS-E3329 with embedded GPS antenna is very suitable GPS receiver for low power data logging applications.

The GPS-E3329 is based on the high performance features of the MediaTek 3329 single-chip architecture and has a ‘Fast time to first fix’, which is obviously a very important property in low power data logging applications. The GPS-E3329 has an excellent -148dBm acquisition sensitivity, it can track 22 channels with a -165 dBm sensitivity, it supports common GPS as well as AAS/EGNOS/MSAS and GAGAN.

GPS receiver data logger
Set your logging interval

Ideal for GPS logging your data

The GPS-E3329 can be connected to the accessory port of an ML-417ADS data logger. Both loggers are having a 5V switched excitation output to only power the GPS-E3329 when its necessary to acquire a GPS position. The data logger can be configured to acquire position info at regular intervals (e.g. once or multiple times per day) and to save power, the GPS logging interval can be set independently of the normal data logging rate.

Recording a position draws 0.45mAh from the batteries, please use our on-line Data logger power consumption calculator to estimate the battery life of your application.


  • Receiver
    › 3.0m accurracy (CEP50)
    › L1 frequency band
    › 3 dB embedded antenna
    › C/A code
  • Tracking
    › -165 dBm sensitivity
    › 22 channels
  • Acquisition
    › -145 dBm sensitivity
    › 66 channels
  • Acquisition time
    › 32s cold start
    › 23s warm start
    › 1s hot start
  • NMEA-0183 protocol (9600 baud)
  • RS-232 serial interface
    › To ML-x15ADS accessory port only
  • Power supply (+5V maximum!)
    › +5V DC from the ML-417ADS accessory port
    › 35mA working current
  • 1m cable with 4-wires
    › RX (Green) to TX of logger
    › TX (White) to RX of logger
    › 5V (Red)
    › GND (Black)
  • 90g weight
  • 46x45x15mm size
  • -40 to +85° working temperature
  • IPX6 waterproof enclosure

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