Data logger accessories

Option boards Option boards
More or special inputs/features can be added to an ML-417 by means of internal stackable option boards/converters.
Solar powered remote JPEG camera CAM-2.0M
The CAM-2.0M is a compact low power weatherproof 2.0M widescreen (16:9) JPEG camera that can be connected to a solar or DC powered ML-417ADS data logger. The CAM-2.0M can take color pictures during daylight and B/W pictures at night up to 6m with the support of an integrated IR850 LED array.
Low power GPS receiver GPS-E3329
The GPS-E3329 is a high sensitive GPS receiver that can be connected to a ML-417ADS data logger. The GPS-E3329 is based on the high performance features of the MediaTek 3329 single-chip architecture and has a 'Fast time to first fix', which is obviously a very important property in low power data logging applications.
PA66/IP68 waterproof external USB connector EDGE
The Iridium EDGE with embedded antenna has global data coverage and is a very suitable satelitte transceiver for low power data logging applications.
PA66/IP68 waterproof external USB connector CON-USB
The CON-USB is a PA66/IP68 waterproof external USB-B connector. The set exists out of chassis part with a 16mm diameter thread, a termination cap and internal cable assembly with female connector that mates with the internal USB male connector of the ML-417 datalogger.
PA66/IP68 waterproof external USB connector ML-PMB, ML-PMK
The ML-PMB is a pole mounting bracket made of tough UV-stabilized polycarbonate, which is better than using a metal bracket as the metal can have a negative impact on the performance of integrated antennas (poor antenna performance causes more power consumption). The bracket can be used to mount an ML-417 data logger to poles with a diameter ranging from 35mm to 3" and bigger. The bracket is excluding mounting accessories like clamps, nuts, bolts and washers.

The ML-PMK is a pole mounting kit existing out of a polycarbonate bracket (ML-PMB), two 12mm width stainless steel (A2/W4/304) worm-gear clamps to fix the bracket to a pole with a diameter ranging from 40 (1 5/8") to 60mm (2 3/8"). The kit is including 4x M4 bolts (16mm), nuts and washers of stainless steel as well.