ML-COVER-PV, Data logger cover with integrated solar panel and charger

Data logger cover with integrated solar panel and charger The ML-COVER-PV is a power provision cover fitting our ML-417 off-grid LTE-m & NB-IoT data logger. The cover has an ETFE sheet protected 1Wp 12-cell integrated solar panel, charger and a 26650 LiFeP04 battery holder.

This power provision is very convenient as it keeps the form factor and the complexity of your installation low. There is no need for an external solar panel, charger, battery, wiring or encapsulating cabinet.

LiFePO4 is a stable and safe battery chemistry with an excellent cycle life (over 1000 cycles at 100% DOD and thousands at 80% DOD). The energy round trip efficiency is much better than that of NiMH or Lead Acid batteries, so you can yield more energy from a same sized solar panel.

The PV-cells are encapsulated in ETFE sheet, which is the perfect material as it is heat resistant (up to 150°C) and does not deteriorate by UV-rays (UV-rays are passed through and contribute to the energy harvesting). The PV-cover is rather maintenance free as the ETFE surface is non-sticky and therefor self-cleaning (dust is easily blown off by wind and dirt washed away by a rain shower).

Please use our on-line Data logger power consumption calculator to estimate the battery life of your application.
Data logger with LiFePO4 26650 charger The battery holder can be fitted with a protective cap serving two purposes:

1) When subjected to heavy vibrations or sudden impact the battery can, due to its weight and despite of the relative high clamping force, dislodge from its holder.

Mounting the battery cap minimizes the risk of a dislodging battery.

2) When using inferior or bad batteries, there could be a risk that in time these batteries are starting to leak and spray acid content.

Mounting a protective battery cap minimizes the risk of datalogger PCB damage by acid spray.

To fasten the cap press the two pegs at the bottom of the cap into the cut-outs besides the holder till you hear it click at both sides.

To release the cap firmly squeeze its sides and pull it off while wiggling a bit.
1) You have to set the "Battery (protection & lifespan)" property in the ML-417 to "Rechargeable LFP" to prevent the data logger to fall into a continuous deep sleep (NiMH battery protection mode)!