ML-OO-SW, Adds three galvanic isolated switches with potential free contacts

galvanic isolated switches An ML-x17 data logger is standard provided with one digital output, an open collector alarm output to switch on an actuator/relay in case a parameter value is outside its limits (e.g. a high water level).

You can use the ML-OO-SW board to add three more digital outputs, in case you need more than one digital output or want to switch on an actuator/relay to prevent an alarm situation (e.g. to switch on a gasoline generator as backup for a solar or wind turbine powered installation to avoid a power outage).

The three switches are galvanic isolated from the ML-x17 as well as from each other. The switches have potential free contacts and therefore acting like ordinary wired switches. The switches don't need a voltage to operate and they don't have a positive or negative terminal, so you could switch on a DC as well as an AC circuitry as long as the connected voltage does not exceed ±100V and the current through the contacts does not exceed ±200mA.


The ML-x17 can be configured to regularly, e.g. after a sensor reading session, update the state of the switches. Example

Assume you have: Steps to take: Formula: le(:LEVEL;2.0;1;le(:LEVEL;2.5;ge(:FLOWAVG;2.0;1;0);0))