ML-OI-AX-DS18B20, Input board to connect 1-Wire digital thermometers

MODBUS auxiliary output board Using thermistors for temperature monitoring can be very cumbersome as you have to calibrate each sensor and take the cable resistance into account as well.

A less cumbersome and popular alternative for temperature monitoring is to use (low cost) temperature sensors based on Maxim Integrated factory calibrated 1-Wire digital thermometer chips.

The ML-OI-AX-DS18B20 option input board can be used to connect up to four 1-Wire thermometers 1,2).

Although 1-Wire supports the connection of multiple sensors on the same 1-Wire cable/bus, we have chosen for "easy deployment" reasons to work with 4 separated 1-Wire inputs. When restricting to one sensor per 1-Wire input/bus, the board does not need to know the unique ID of the 1-Wire chip, so you can easily plug-in or exchange/replace sensors.
1) 1-Wire thermometers can be parasitically powered, the board however expects sensors that needs to be powered explicitly.

2) Only use sensors based on genuine Maxim Integrated thermometers.