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V2.7 B6 (15-6-2017)

– Iridium satellite driver -> Option added for data compacting to decrease payload costs
– Start measurements right after configuration has changed

V2.7 B5 (8-6-2017)

– Support added for SD cards lager than 4GB (8 till 128) -> Creating additional data log files when main data log file reaches 4GB
– Bug fix data sending -> Occasionally occurring SD card failures could cause data loss, especially when sending large data files after long time no network coverage
– Bug fix data download -> Preventing the apparently for no reason sometimes displayed “file write error” message
– Bug fix TCP driver -> Data encryption (AES-128) failed in retry after first TCP error

V2.7 B3 (12-5-2017)

– Digital pulse driver adapted for daily counter reset at a particular hour
– MODBUS sensor driver adapted to support both RTU and ASCII protocol
– MODBUS/RTU sensor driver -> Start command and ready status options implemented
– MQTT driver -> Local time topic added when outputing actual values

V2.7 B1 (23-3-2017)

– MQTT output driver added (only for WDL-X14 and ML-X15)
– Alarm messages driver (previously only SMS) adapted to send alarms by Email or MQTT as well
– Timeout and retries enlarged when receiving temporarely network access denied

V2.6 B1 (22-2-2017)

– TCP driver enhanced to support AES-128 encrypted data transfer
– FTP driver enhanced to support FTPS (TLS explicit) file transfer
– HTTP driver enhanced to support HTTPS (SSL/TLS) trafic (a Modem firmware upgrade could be neccessary)
– Bug fix Modem maintenance -> Modem firmware upgrade function improved

V2.5 B4

– Generic serial sensor driver -> Option added to trigger data output by a string instead of a single character
– Generic Modbus/RTU sensor driver extended to 20 parameters
– TCP latency timeout enhancement (timeout starts now after last byte is transmitted)
– External power too low detection removed for ML-2013
– Bug fix sleep mode for ML-2013 only -> Sleep current was too high (3 mA instead of fewer than 100 uA) (in prior FW2.5 and FW2.4 versions only)
– Bug fix Network signal sensor -> retrying when SIM reports busy (CME ERROR: SIM busy)

V2.5 B1

– Generic serial sensor driver adapted for multiple sentence support
– Generic NMEA sensor driver with multiple sentence support added
– Bug fix HTTP interface -> Communication buffer enlarged to handle huge cookies

V2.4 B7

– Bug fix internal sensors driver -> power sensor reflected wrong voltage/current readings in FW2.4B4 only

V2.4 B4

– Aggregated channels driver added for averaging, min, max, gust and deviation values during aggregation period
– Email driver -> Option added to filter output (data, diagnostics, or both)
– Digital alarm driver -> direct data output on alarm rising/falling if “Direct data output on data alarm” is set
– Bug fix serial ports -> supressing erroneous NULL character output after waking from sleep

V2.3 B5

– Bug fix Iridium satellite driver -> Coping with odd behaviour of some Iridium modems (missing “READY” after AT+SBDWB=xx command)

V2.3 B2

– Iridium satellite driver modified for data output fall back during Email, FTP, TCP or HTTP failures
– Iridium satellite driver modified for sending log data or actual values
– FTP driver -> Option added to omit timestamp in filename
– General settings -> Option added for data log timestamp round down
– Bug fix internal sensors driver -> current can now be measured when supply voltages is above 3.75 Volt
– Bug fix NTP Time update -> Preventing wrong time update when network connection is lost at critical point

V2.2 B4

– SDI12 sensor driver -> Allowing multiple concurrent (aC! and aCX!) commands with the same sensor address
– Comport redirect function -> Command echo implemented for SDI12

V2.2 B2

– HTTP output driver added
– Additional JSON data format added for Email, FTP and TCP output
– Long user names for APN/TCP/FTP/SMTP (at the expense of password length (total length 62 characters)
– Modem maintenance function added to test hardware lines (DTR/CTS and DCD)
– DTU driver -> Connect interval independent from data log interval
– Dial in function via GSM CSD bearer service is no longer supported
– Generic serial sensor driver -> Option added for variable waiting time for data
– Digest authentication option added for TCP output
– Bug fix alarm module -> Some odd behavior on data transmission when alarm is cleared and when using alarm intervals in combination with send delay

V2.1 B4

– Starting direct measurement and data log on digital alarm rising/falling
– Bug fix SMS sending -> retrying when SIM reports busy (CMS ERROR 314)
– Bug fix CSV data output format -> parameters without data logging flag were not skipped

V2.1 B1

– Calculated channels driver added to derive values from sensor parameters
– Editing function added for configuration strings (insert mode with arrow left/right and backspace) (use: YDOCTerminal V1.4)

V2.0 B2

– Bug fix SDI12 sensor driver > Timeout changed for aM! commands, with measurement times larger than 6 sec

V2.0 B1

– Improved SD card fault recovery handling
– In case of SD card malfunction actual values will be sended at data sending
– Date format option added for CSV data output
– Additional CSV data format added for TCP output
– Improved Iridium satellite driver added for data sending

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