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Date & Time no longer synchronized to NTP

Q: The data logger time is suddenly no longer synchronized with NTP

A: This problem occurs when RTC battery has gone defect and data logger Power is failing or too low  during the night. NTP will correct date and time around midnight. With to low battery power, the modem is not started (due low power) and NTP sync is skipped.

T: Check for primary (battery) Power problems, defective RTC clock battery, NTP is enabled in the data logger configuration and network availability problems. Solution for each problem can be found in one of these FAQ’s.

Power problems: https://ydoc.biz/docs/faqs/electrical/low-start-voltage/

RTC battery problems: https://ydoc.biz/docs/faqs/electrical/rtc-clock-is-losing-date-time-when-powered-off/

Intermittent modem or network problems: https://ydoc.biz/docs/faqs/network-modem/data-logger-stopped-sending-data/

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