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How to take a picture with the Camera

Q: How to  take a picture (using the camera) on an alarm.

A: Information about the camera can be found at https://ydoc.biz/data-logger-accessoires/data-logger-camera/.

C: How to trigger the camera to take a picture can be found in the Data Logger Manual, chapter “Camera”. Pictures can be taken once a day (on a specific time), round the clock or during the day or at night.

T: The camera has a warm-up time 7 – 10 seconds. Taking and processing the picture, will take a fewseconds.

To avoid missing the picture during sending, add a delay time of 30 seconds to the start of the FTP driver.

On activation, it will wait 30 seconds before connecting,  grabbing the data from the SD card and send it.

To confirm that the parameter settings “works-as-designed”, check in running mode when the camera is scheduled. From main menu, choose “Processing Status”. (Press <Ctrl>A<Shift>S<Ctrl>D).

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