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Setup a secured MQTT Connection to AWS-IOT platform

Q: How to setup a secured MQTT connection to AWS-IOT platform

A: Before performing the set-up, download and study the AWS-IoT documentation.

How-to setup:

1) Create an AWS account.

2) Create an AWS IotThing (device), assign a policy to subscribe and publish.

3) Download the MQTT server certificate, client certificate and client key in PEM format.

4) Read this FAQ on TLS and cyphers, to check if available cyphers on the ydoc modem and your MQTT server are matching.

T: You can find a link in the FAQ to the modem documentation, pointing to the “AT commands” section. “AT commands” are used to load the certificates into the ydoc modem.

5) Load the certificates and key in the ydoc modem using the (example) AT SSLSECDATA command.

6) Configure the modem to verify server and client using AT SSLSECFG command.

When setup properly, the ydoc can connect by MQTT to AWS-IoT and publish log data and the client certificate is used to login.

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