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Low Start Voltage

Q: What causes the  “Start Voltage Low Error”? The battery status look’s ok in the menu.

A:  The minimum voltage is a better indicator for battery status. There is no mathematical relationship with Average Voltage. Minimum Voltage can be very low, while average is OK. Problems like this can occur when Vmin is lower than 2.5 Volts.

T: Check the data log for intermittent power problems. Download the Log File in ydoc format (including the system messages) and search for “Power too low” or “PVD_DIP”.

In this example, power is too low a few times and restored after mili seconds. The error message can be written to the log file. If the power fails, the data logger is going into emergency cycle. The modem is not started and data will not be written to the log file (preventing corruptions). The second entry ends with a number. The number is showing the amount of power low and restored detection’s.

  • 14:03:27.172      <14:03:28>
  • 14:03:27.173      Power too low…
  • 14:03:27.482      <14:03:29>
  • 14:03:28.101      System log…PVD_DIP;Power too low;2

T: Perform a hardware check.

Check the Data Logger internal power circuit. Remove /replace the Red and Black power cable and check white connectors on the cable and corresponding pins on the mainboard and power board for oxidation or worn-out. Remove and reinstall the battery, check battery and holder contacts for oxidation.

Sensor power problems. Sensors can draw a lot of inrush current during activation.

Modem or network problems. The modem can also draw a lot of current, especially when switched to the 2G backup network.  

Main fuse problems. A main fuse with internal resistance or corrosion on the main fuse holder can also generate power problems. Replace the main fuse, how to do, can be read in this FAQ.

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