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SD Card Storage Usage

Q: What is the storage usage on the SD card?

A: The quantity of data storage can be calculated with our “power consumption tool”.

C: https://ydoc.biz/datalogger-power-consumption.html

​- Choose the number of parameters to monitor

– Choose the Data Log Interval

– Set Transfer Interval equal to the Data Log Interval

– Choose “FTP” as protocol. (The FTP protocol is adding very low overhead in kB on the sent data, so the kB sent is about the SD storage usage).

– Number of kB/Month gives the storage usage.

– Multiply with 12 and you have the storage consumption per year on the SD card.

Example with 12 parameters, Data Interval 10 minutes:

4464 kb/Month will generate 53.5 Mb/year for SD storage. 

On a 8Gb SD card, you can store 100’s years of data…  

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