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Data Logger has stopped Sending Data

Q: Some Data Loggers stopped sending data.

This problem occurs when the Ydoc modem is losing it’s Internet Connection.

A: Check these items to solve the problem:

  • Power problems. The (Data Logger Internal) power to the modem must be very stable. The modem is drawing a lot of current when active. With a power problem, the modem flash-memory can get corrupted, resulting in a defective modem. Check for low (battery) voltage, loose internal power cable or corrosion on power connectors on main board and power cable.
  • Main fuse problems. It  looks strange, but a main fuse with internal resistance or corrosion on the main fuse holder can also generate power problems. Replace the main fuse, how to do, can be read in this FAQ.
  • Firmware version. Firmware version starting with V4.8 B7, has an Automatic Network deregister and register mechanism implemented to cope with sudden network subscribing issues. For firmware versions, check this page.
  • APN settings. Best is to configure the APN “Manually”, avoid use of the configuration settings, automatically provided from the network provider.

C: For APN settings, check the Data Logger Manual, Chapter “Modem Settings”.

T: When a modem has gone defect, (the modem flash memory has been corrupted) drop a support call. Sometimes, a re-flash can be done by the customer, sometimes a RMA is needed.

This is a list of Data Logger error messages involved:

S;231023121011;ERR;NETWORK_REG;+CGREG: 2,2

S;231023120626;ERR;SERVER_LOGIN;+CME ERROR: context not opened


S;230822173031;ERR;SERVER_LOGIN;+CME ERROR: time-out in opening socket


S;230822090212;ERR;SERVER_LOGIN;+CME ERROR: connection failed



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