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Modem testing

Q: The data logger stopped sending data

A: There might be a problem with the modem, network or protocol.

To pinpoint the problem, perform three tests:

Modem hardware test, network access and the used protocol settings.

Test the modem hardware:

(1) For Hardware testing, open the Maintenance menu, option [5].

Choose [8], Modem maintenance…

[1] modem hardware test…

If the test fails, the modem has gone defect or the modem firmware has become corrupt.

T: To prevent modem firmware corruption, especially on battery operated data loggers, perform these checks:

– Choose the right battery type

– Enable battery protection

– Check the data log file for power problems

– Install the latest data logger firmware*

– Power problems**

*Firmware version. From version V4.8 B16 and up, there is an additional Power Check added to the firmware.

Power (MAXVi Voltage) is checked just  before the modem is switched on. For the latest firmware version, check this page.

**WARNING:  Due to Power problems, the modem flash-memory can get corrupted, resulting in an inoperable modem, and discontinued network /Internet connection. Read this FAQ on (internal) power problems

T: When a modem has gone defect (the modem’s flash memory has been corrupted) drop a support call. Sometimes, a re-flash can be done by the customer, sometimes a RMA is needed.

(2) For Network testing, open Configuration setup [2] and Modem settings.

Perform [S] and [T], Network Signal and APN login test.

If one of these tests is failing, there is a problem with access to the network.

Check this FAQ for possible problems and solutions.

(3) If both test succeeded, test your data link protocol settings and credentials:

(Choose your configured protocol, TCP, FTP, MQTT or HTTP. (This example shows TCP)…

Perform <protocol> test…

If the protocol test is failing, check your server and
data logger (login) credentials.

T: Check the data logger file for errors or WDT messages during data sending.

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