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TLS and Cyphers

Q: “Access denied” (when using SFTP /HTTPS) to a secure (web)server.

A: Secure access depends on server implemented  TLS version and Cyphers.

T: Check webserver TLS and Cypher availability can be obtained using  this website:


Enter the <fqdn> : <server port> combination

 A list with supported TLS versions and available cyphers is generated and can be used to select an valid option to build a secure connection.

On a Windows environment, openssl.exe can be installed for a command line version tool.

C:> openssl.exe s_client -connect <broker address>:<port>

The ME910 (WW type) modem on a ML-417xxx Data Logger supports TLS version 1.3. (With fallback to a lower version).  Only the cypher sets should be checked.

Other modems types are supporting maximum TLS version 1.2.

The (ftp or web) server must support a minimum TLS version 1.2.

To check and change TLS version, use the COM option from maintenance menu to connect to the modem and execute the AT#SSLSECCFG2 command.

The AT#SSLSECCFG command is used to specify which cipher suite the (web)server prefers to secure a TLS connection with.

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