ML-x17, 2G/3G/4G(LTE-M) Data Logger

Solar powered 2G/3G/4G(LTE-M) data logger Solar powered 2G/3G/4G(LTE-M) data logger The ML-x17 data logger is a small, ultra low power, cost effective data logger with built-in 2G, 3G or 4G cellular modem. This small data logger, is further provided with an internal temperature sensor, 8GB micro SD card and a 2FF SIM card slot. The data logger is available with several power provisions e.g. a 3.6 Volt Lithium battery, 8..28V DC input or integrated solar panel with 3 x AA NiMH charger.

The data logger can acquire physical signals by 2 current loop inputs, 2 voltage inputs, 1 potentiometer input and 3 digital inputs. More or special inputs can be added by means of internal stackable option boards/converters. The data logger is provided with one serial port to capture measurements from ASCII, MODBUS, NMEA or SDI-12 compatible sensors. External sensors can be powered by the data logger itself, to prevent them to consume power while the data logger is a sleep. Up to 8 mathematical channels are available to calculate meaningful engineering values derived from sensor input values (e.g. a polynomial to calculate a flow from a stream level). Supports up to 8 aggregation channels (e.g. to record 2 or 10 minute wind speed averages sampled at 1Hz).

Logged data can be pushed to a central host by HTTP(S), FTP(S), e-mail, secure TCP or MQTT(S) at configurable intervals and optionally by satellite as well (Iridium SBD).

The ML-x17 is available in several editions and with 5 different cellular modems: When equipped with the integrated solar panel a complete self providing remote monitoring station can be arranged, all you need is a logger and applicable sensor(s). This self providing cellular logger is costs saving, because you don't need: a) solar panels, b) big batteries, c) cellular modem and d) encapsulating cabinet.
1) 60mA if no external sensors need to be powered.
2) <1 sec. if external sensors are responsive and don't require time to "warm up".
3) Lithium batteries not included.
4) FTPS (TLS Explicit), ML-417 (LTE-M) does not support FTPS.
5) ML-417 (LTE-M) has no eMail abilities.

Use our online Data logger power consumption calculator to estimate the battery life of your application or to determine settings fitting local solar power yield.