ML-OP-524, Option board to supply (extra) power to sensors or peripherals

sensor power supply When designing a power efficient and cost effective product like our ML-x17 data logger your have to find a balance between features, costs and power consumption without compromising quality.

Regarding the sensor power switch we have chosen for a 12V power output as it is the most commonly used voltage to power external sensors.

If you want to connect sensors requiring 5V or 24V you could put a simple voltage regulator between the 12V output of the logger and the sensor, but its recommended to use our ML-OP-524 option board instead as it neatly integrates with our ML-x17 data logger, has a power efficient design and can be deployed in a versatile manner (i.e. to add additional sensor power in case the combined draw of your sensors exceeds 200mA@12V).