CAM-2.0M, 2.0M Widescreen JPEG camera

Solar powered remote JPEG camera Remote monitoring of parameters like progress of growth, obstruction or levels of garbage can be hard or expensive to accomplish and the only feasible solution is visible inspection (e.g, visible inspection of a trash rack in a waterway or a garbage container at a public spot). To go on site for visual inspection can be a time consuming business. We have implemented a camera interface in our low power remote data loggers to avoid unnecessary visual inspection visits. The only thing required is our data logger with our camera and a pole or wall to mount it.

The CAM-2.0M is a low power weatherproof camera that can be connected to a solar or DC powered ML-417ADS data logger. The data logger can be configured to record snapshots at regular intervals (e.g. once or multiple times per day) and at alarm raise and fall conditions (e.g. at flooding a river) As we are acting in the low power domain, our camera solution has to be low power as well! Therefor remote streaming of video or taking super hires pictures at high speed is beyond the goal of our solution. The data logger can deliver the JPG pictures in your e-mail box, to an HTTP- or FTP-server. The JPG pictures can also be transferred by TCP as 'Digital Assets' to ydocInsights, which comes with an instrument to display your camera pictures as a slide show.

The CAM-2.0M has a image sensor and lens for taking color pictures during daylight and to take B/W pictures at night (up to 6m) with the support of an integrated IR850 LED array. The CAM-2.0M has a 6mm lens with 60° angle of view or a 2.8mm lens with 60° angle of view. The CAM-2.0M can take pictures up to 1920x1080 pixels. Taking and sending a 1920x1080 picture draws about 4mAh from the batteries, we recommend to use our online Data logger power consumption calculator to estimate the battery life of your application.