Laser cutting services for connector cutouts

Laser cutting services

Our data loggers are supplied without any connector cutouts, giving the user the freedom to choose connectors of his preference and/or matching his sensors. However, milling cutouts is a time consuming task that could have a negative effect on the roll-out speed of your mass projects. To save your organization from this time consuming task we can offer you our laser cutting services, all we need is a drawing of a template with the cutouts bounded by an 80x18mm rectangle (the safety area).

Connector cutout options for data logger enclosures

The cutouts may touch the edges of the safety area as there is sufficient margin left for nuts. You only have to consider enough handling space for nuts in between the cutouts.

Drawings should be in AutoCAD R14 .dxf or in free and popular Inkscape .svg format. All dimensions should be in mm. Please find below 3 examples in Inkscape format, which you can use as a base for your own drawings. When drawing custom connector cutouts allways add a 0.2mm margin to the diameter and send us the concerned custom connector to check if it fits.

Costs for laser cutting services

The costs are listed in our price list, the following costs are applicable:

  • LC-TD, If we need to help drawing a template, we will bill costs in 10 minute ticks.
  • LC-TS, Laser cutter setup costs per template per batch.
  • LC-NS, Laser cutting costs per unit/side to cut.