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V1.9 B4

– Support added for 4GB SD cards
– Maintenance menu -> Bug fix for (re)format SD-Card function

V1.9 B3

– PAP/CHAP autentication option added for APN/VPN login

V1.9 B2

V1.9 B1

– Daily operating time slot added for non 24 hours deployment
– Additional CSV data format added for Email and FTP output
– Driver added for snapshot cameras model CAM-S0.3M and CAM-D1.3M

V1.8 B4

– Working directory added for FTP output
– Analog differential ports (ML-2013) -> Bugfix: User parameters min and max were not properly stored (only for FW1.8B3, prior versions are OK)
– Comport redirect function -> Bugfix to accommodate large SDI-12 commands (upto 60 characters)
– Bug fix for ML-X15 -> Changing port mode and Comport redirection for RS232 sensor drivers did not work

V1.8 B3

– Network signal sensor -> Parameter “Signal bars (0-5)” added for commonly used signal strength representation

V1.8 B1

– Factor and offset added in parameter settings for conversion of device units to engineering units
– Option added for sensor drivers to use the log interval as sampling interval
– Various small user interface changes, and displaying actual values at Data log
– DTU driver added for a transparent GPRS channel between an RS-232, RS-485, or SDI-12 device and host software (TCP-server)
– Code added for direct measurement, and data sending when logger is switched on
– GPS driver option added for calculation of latitude/longitude alarm limits on deployment
– Bug fix TCP Data sending -> skipping “CTRL Z” character incase of accidental data mangling on the SD card, which prematurely ends data sending
– Digital pulse driver -> Mean Rate parameter calculates now also when quantity parameter is not logged or sample interval is not equal to log interval
– Actual Values Overview -> “Timeout” replaced by “No response”, if sensor does not work correctly

V1.7 B9

– Hybrid feature added to use module power as digital alarm output

V1.7 B8

– Bug fix SDI12 sensor driver > Timeout and retry changed to prevent timeout for sensors with more than approximately 6 to 10 parameters
– Bug fix SMS alarm driver -> Now sending HI Alarm SMS intead of Solved SMS, when Alarm drops under HIHI, but still above HI Alarm threshold

V1.7 B6

– Bug fix Radio output driver -> Power down and send delay where not working correctly

V1.7 B5

– Digital pulse driver -> Option added to enter units per pulse with decimals (float)
– Summer time (daylight saving) option added
– Maintence menu -> Function added to (re)format SD-Card
– Small bug fixes for TCP terminal use (keeping open TCP link when closing the menu, and closing menu mode when loosing connection)

V1.7 B3

– FTP driver -> Option added for active (default) and passive FTP mode
– Option added for continuous alarm sampling (Be aware, this is not a very low power option!)
– Generic Modbus/RTU sensor driver extended to 16 parameters, and Bit status register type added
– Display driver added for ML-2013
– Bug fix Digital pulse driver -> Mean rate calculation when there is an alarm log interval, and no sample alarm interval
– SDI12 sensor driver extended with the measurement commands aC1! till aC9! and aM! till aM9!

V1.6 B9

– Bug fix Digital pulse driver -> Counter register increased by one at every logger restart, if port mode was internal Pull Up
– Bug fix Generic Modbus/RTU driver -> Sometimes a driver timeout when reading more than one or two parameters, and option RS485 8N2 added
– Bug fix Independent data log for GPS and GSM signal driver -> wrong parameters where tagged as logged
– GPS sensor -> Option added to power the GPS either by the Sensor or by the Module power switch

V1.6 B4

– Improved battery life calculation when Modem is on (Idle) during sleep

V1.6 B3

– Digital pulse sensors -> Option added to log each counter change event (e.g. for time registration of bucket tipping events in rain gauge applications)

V1.6 B2

– Code optimizing with retry mechanism, to cope with accidental faltering SD-Card
– Verbose Modem and Network error messages

V1.6 B1

– Analog sensors -> User determined linear conversion function (2 calibration points) implemented
– Analog differential sensor drivers added for ML-2013 (hardware revision 9)

V1.5 B9

– 20 seconds and 20 minutes logging and sample interval added

V1.5 B8

– STS DTM sensor driver added
– SDI12 sensor driver extended to 20 parameters

V1.5 B7

– INW DO sensor -> Bug fix
– Modem internal baud rate lowered from 115K2 to 57K6, due to incidental character overrun during poor GPRS coverage

V1.5 B6

– Analog sensors -> Bug fix: Auto calibration function was wrongly implemented

V1.5 B5

– First commercial version

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