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V3.9 B2 (14-02-2020)

– Attention, bug fix FTP driver (affecting FW3.8B1/3.9B1 only) -> The FTP-file is not truncated after each successful transfer and therefor causing growing out of manageable proportion.
– Driver added for auxiliary sensor input boards (ML-OI-AX series)
– Driver added for Wifi output accessory board(ML-OA-WIFI)
– FTP driver -> TLS disabled for ME910 modem (ML-417) as it is not supported by the modem

V3.8 B1 (9-01-2020)

– Code adapted to support 4G modem LE910-AP (ML-A417)
– SDI12 sensor driver -> Code adapted for aM! commands to support also service requests
– SD card writing delayed by 1/4 second after the last occurrence of a low power dip to prevent unforeseen rare file system corruption
– FTP driver -> Added network loss detection in the closing phase of the FTP file with data sending retry
– COM port redirect -> User inactivity timeout enlarged to 3 minutes
– APN registration -> Modem command CGDCONT moved before CGREG in order to prevent Modem to use the default instead of the supplied APN name

V3.7 B4 (19-11-2019)

– Generic ASCII/NMEA drivers -> Number of parameters extended to the maximum of 64
– MODBUS sensor driver -> Timeout enlarged when device reports a temporarily busy exception
– Bug fix parameter settings -> It’s no longer allowed to use values as a parameter name or code
– Bug fix derived channels -> When a parameter was deleted which was still used in a derived channel, it caused a flash memory CRC error

V3.7 B3 (28-10-2019)

– GPS driver -> Speed, Course over ground (VTG) and Altitude (GGA) parameters added.
– Modem driver -> Switched from CREG (cell network status) to CGREG (data network status) command to verify data network access.
– Modem driver -> Bug fix when multiple output drivers are used with TLS enabled (FTP, HTTP, EMAIL or MQTT)

V3.7 B1 (30-09-2019)

– Secondary camera driver added for ML-OA-RS232 option board.
– Driver added for auxiliary option board ML-OA-RS232 ( add a second accessory).
– Rest capacity calculation adapted when a Lithium battery is used as backup supply (ML-PB-DC-LI),
  it requires choosing Lithium at “General settings – battery (protection & lifespan)”.
– EMAIL/FTP/TCP/HTTP drivers -> Option added to specify the maximum payload size
– Generic ASCII/NMEA drivers -> Also processing first part of input strings when bigger than 512 characters

V3.6 B4 (30-07-2019)

– Modem settings -> Option added to enable roaming with a preferred provider.
– Modem driver -> Warm up time enlarged for ME910 Modem (ML-417) to avoid premature “SIM not inserted” messages.
– Modem maintenance -> Modem firmware upgrade added for ME910 Modem (ML-417)
– Bug fix data log -> Occasionally occurring SD card failures when writing log records bigger than 512 bytes

V3.6 B3 (12-07-2019)

– GPS driver -> Option added to enable/disable GPS time update in case NTP time update is not used
– Modem network registration timeout (CREG) enlarged from 1 to 2 minutes for IMEI registrations on slow networks after a network/tower switching
– HTTP driver -> Option added for extended path to extend the URL path with an additional 47 characters
– General settings -> Option added to avoid equal timestamps (for data collection platforms which cannot cope with equal timestamps)

V3.6 B1 (1-07-2019)

– Driver added for Bluetooth LE user interface option board (ML-OU-BLE)
– Digital input pulse driver -> Parameter added for activity period detection
– Digital input trigger driver added to trigger: taking measurements, data output, taking camera picture or a GPS location fix
  Camera driver -> Option removed for taking instantaneous pictures when digital input 1 is triggered
– Bug fix calculated channels driver -> Calculations with SDI12 parameters could cause a timeout
– Network signal driver -> Retry in case modem reports wrongly 0 instead of 99 (not yet known), when still busy measuring
– EMAIl and FTP driver -> User customizable data filename
– DTU driver removed due to lack of users

V3.5 B4 (4-03-2019)

– Parameter overview -> Option added in Parameter list to adjust parameter sort order for data output and displaying (TFT)
– Configuration review renamed to Parameter overview
– GPS driver -> GPS time sync feature added in case NTP time update is not used

V3.5 B3 (7-02-2019)

– Various non-critical user interface changes
– SDI12 sensor driver -> Retry timeout made shorter to prevent sensors from returning to low power sleep mode
– Calculated channels driver -> Time function added (seconds past midnight)
– Bug fix calculated channels driver -> When a sensor does not respond anymore, calculated parameters will be set to “Invalid” status instead of “Not recent”
– Display driver -> Power down delay maximum enlarged to years, in order to keep it permanently on
– Data output drivers -> Send delay maximum enlarged from 1 hour to 24 hours

V3.5 B2 (7-12-2018)

– General settings -> USB password added for local menu login
– Drivers added for serial port option boards (ML-OI-COM-RS232, ML-OI-COM-RS485, ML-OI-COM-SDI12 and ML-OI-COM-UART) (only for ML-X17)
– SMS Commands driver removed (don’t update if you are still using it, or use MQTT instead)
– Alarm messages driver adapted for Email alarms to put alarm text into the body instead of in attachment
– All output drivers -> Output type added or extended for outputting log data or actual values, or just to send a heartbeat (for remote login or upgrading)
– All output drivers -> Data filter added or extended to filter data output for JSON and Native format (data, diagnostics, or both)
– Bug fix aggregated channels driver -> It’s now also possible to aggregate calculated parameters
– Bug fix calculated channels driver -> Interim sleep added for parameters with different sample intervals (only when used in aggregations or with continuous alarm sampling)
– Bug fix digital alarm driver -> Data flag was set to “Not recent” when coming out of sleep, while it has no log interval (causing trouble when used in calculations)

V3.4 B5 (12-10-2018)

– MODBUS sensor driver -> Support added for register numbers higher than 9999 until 65535
– Bug fix SDI12 sensor driver -> The aM! commands were not working anymore (in FW3.4 B4 version only)
– Field testing -> Timeout enlarged for various Modem test functions to prevent premature rebooting for SIM card is busy error

V3.4 B4 (02-10-2018)

– Aggregated channels driver -> Input type added for logarithmic (dB) averaging.
– Aggregated channels driver -> Percentile parameters added (a/o for noise monitoring)

V3.4 B3 (13-09-2018)

– MQTT driver -> Option added to specify the maximum payload size
– MQTT driver -> Timeouts enlarged for SSL/TLS security mode communication
– Camera driver -> Option added for permanent storage of picture files in CAM directory
– Iridium satellite driver -> Option added to start backup mode after an adjustable number of failures

V3.4 B2 (24-08-2018)

– SMS output driver added for sending log data or actual values by SMS

V3.4 B1 (31-07-2018)

– ASCII output driver added for accessory port
– MQTT driver -> Option added to choose for clean session (no config upload or firmware upgrade possible)
– MQTT driver -> Option added to choose your own client ID instead of the default IMEI number
– Automatic firmware restore via “restore.bin” file on SD card at power on (only for emergencies)
– Bug fix TCP terminal tunnel -> Scheduling into the (far) future possible

V3.3 B3 (11-06-2018)

– Digital pulse driver -> Port mode “Coil floating” added for option board ML-OC-W2P to save 100uA sleep current (ML-X17 only)

V3.3 B2 (01-06-2018)

– Modem interface -> Adapting proper SSL/TLS security settings for Email/MQTT/HTTP after config upload, or after remote change
– Modem interface -> AT#SHDN command implemented for the ML-X17 Modems for more proper shutdown then with the AT#SYSHALT command
– Bug fix MQTT -> When uploading a configuration file, the existing MQTT “root topic” will not be overwritten anymore
– Bug fix serial sensors -> When powering up with a configured not connected serial sensor, there was not a timeout applied during one complete data log cycle
– Digital pulse driver -> System log CNT_RESET renamed to REG_RESET and showing last value instead of 0
– Bug fix digital pulse driver -> Counter parameter could be set to zero also when register reset is active

V3.3 B1 (30-04-2018)

– Modem network registration timeout (CREG) enlarged from 1 to 2 minutes only the first time after power on to facilitate IMEI registrations on slow networks
– General settings -> Option added to choose specific battery protection (rechargeable, lithium, or none)
– General settings -> Option added to choose the permanent SD storage mode (data, diagnostics, or both)
– Bug fix accessory port -> Suppressing outputting duplicated data from RS485 port to the accessory port

V3.2 B3 (20-03-2018)

– SDI-12 sensor driver -> Option implemented to use SDI-12 with CRC verification

V3.2 B2 (9-02-2018)

– Bug fix -> Modem startup delay, to prevent power dip after wake from sleep, re(added) (was accidentally removed in prior 3.x versions)
– NTP time update -> Daily update time added, for choosing the daily NTP moment

V3.2 B1 (30-01-2018)

– Digital state driver -> Parameters added to measure the total and interval on-time of the digital input state
– Camera driver -> Option added for taking instantaneous pictures when digital input 1 is triggered
– User interface -> Suppressing the “Save changes?” question, if nothing has been changed
– Data alarms driver -> At alarm action also drivers with independent data log will be started directly

V3.1 B2 (20-12-2017)

– Digital state driver added for direct logging of the changing state of a digital input
– 10 Hz logging frequency added (1/10 second interval)
– Email driver -> Option added for secure data transfer (SSL/TLS) (Modem firmware upgrade could be necessary)
– General settings -> Daily schedule time shift added, for shifting the 24 hour scheduling window over the day

V3.0 B4 (21-11-2017)

– Adding of partial seconds to csv and json data format timestamp when logging frequency is higher than one Hz
– Gonets Satellite modem driver added (only for ML-X15 and ML-X17)

V3.0 B2 (08-11-2017)

– Timestamps in native data format extended with partial seconds,if applicable
– Run-time menu shows when deployment starts, if applicable

V3.0 B1 (22-9-2017)

– TCP terminal tunnel redirection implemented for TCP, HTTP, MQTT and FTP output
– Bug fix Aggregated channels -> When there is no data input (e.g. broken sensor), aggrgated results will be invalid after one aggregation period has past
– Bug fix NTP driver -> Preventing possible wrong time update when NTP server sends a “Kiss-o’-Death Packet” (very rare occurring)

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